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Children's culture has a strong and very vivid tradition in Sweden, as well as in the other Nordic countries. All the way from H C Andersen's fairy tales via Pippi Långstrump to modern performing arts stories have been told and songs have been sung to many generations of big and small children in our countries.

YDM wants to be a part of maintaining and developing that tradition and make it possible to reach out to new generations, in Sweden as well as internationally. On this website you will find some fine examples of what Scandinavian performing artists are doing Tic Malmö within that tradition.

We hope that you will enjoy what you see and that some day we will meet in real life and have the opportunity to experience some exciting art pieces for young Tic Malmö together.

Young Dance Market thanks donors and partners for their great support through a very challenging year and wishes everyone a wonderful new dance year in ! The second edition of YDM is being prepared for right now! We will invite you to meet some great Scandinavian dance companies performing for young audiences and who will present you with some of their latest productions. The program will be adapted in accordance with regulations regarding the Covid 19 pandemic.

For instance a number of outdoor shows will be presented at the festival. All shows will be performed outdoors and even the mingle party on Wednesday night will be outdoor. On top of all exciting shows that will be presented at YDM in the general program there will also be a "fringe" program that we call YDMplus.

This will soon be presented together with the general program. YDM is happy to welcome ReAct! The company will perform their amazing production King of the Jungle. There will be a number of new Sceandinavian productions presented in the newly added pitch session. The piece is interactive and both the audience and dancers receive verbal instructions from a recorded voice, but who is actually in charge?

What is this and what is that? Daniel wonders while he discovers that imagination lives everywhere and in everything! A number 2xu Skins Scandinavian companies will each give a ten minutes presentation of their new shows in this one and a half hour session.

A performance about divorce and about belonging to multiple homes and families. About moving back and forth, forgetting and being forgotten, being Tic Malmö and at the same time missing home, but also about extra siblings a lots of people to love. With humor and care it tackels the issues and challenges associated with living with many families as a child.

Bo Porrbilder bom, wroom, tic tic poff, shhhhhhhh… city! We let street noice slip into the jersey sleeve, around the body to see if it gets stuck in the feet. What does noise look like when it stops and start? Does it need a pillow? A city is full of rhythms. If we sharpen our ears, we can hear the music in traffic and feel the pulse of the street.

An urban dance sketch, a sticky path of masking tape in a twisted soundscape. Dancers and children shape a future street with dreams, beat and movements. Edifice of Dance Tic Malmö a workshop with performative elements.

Visitors are alternately active co-creators and audiences. A journey where children's conditions and visions shape the performance and the performers. Watch video. The performance is about the ball, the car and the lamp, but also the words, the colours and the tunes. A low-key, intimate and beautiful performance for the smallest ones.

Inside Out is a playful and a poetic duet, using the frame as an object and metaphor. Tic Malmö piece asks questions as: Who are we? What is outside? Who is inside? By using simple objects the piece shows how trust and friendship is developed from play, creativity and cooperation. Age: years. This show is a part of the YDMplus program. Make your ticket reservation by sending an email to sw dansstationen.

It aims at diverse sensory experiences and a heightened sensitivity towards the immediate physicality of the world by interlacing movement, dance, music, visual art and light design.

The performance invites its audience to engage in playful and open-ended experience that does not present concrete goals but rather expects them to explore and discover a new form of Tic Malmö. The audience is invited to enjoy the installation upon their personal needs - to arrive at the time which suits them the best and stay as long as they like to, within the 2 hours running time. In NOOK dancing bodies become a building collective.

A group that creates a space for community. But this space never ceases to change. Unconsciously, they turn winding paths into elusive labyrinths and build obstacles to their coexistence.

Make your ticket reservation by sending an email to dialog skanesdansteater. From This is a YDMplus production. A buffet will be served. Young Dance Market YDM is an international showcase for dance for young audiences, and was organized for the first time in Malmö in May The purpose of YDM is to give Swedish and Nordic dance companies, performing for Tic Malmö audiences, the opportunity to develop their international agenda and for international dance professionals to meet.

When we initially started planning for the first edition of YDM in the summer ofwe immediately got strong support from The Swedish Art Grants Committee as well as a warm invitation to collaborate with the Bibu festival next door in Helsingborg, so we decided to jump on the opportunity. The response from the Swedish dance community as well as from the international guests Tic Malmö our wildest expectations and Young Dance Market Georgia Moffett Instagram an instant success.

We soon decided to plan for a second edition in This time it would be bigger and would also contain dance companies from Denmark and Norway, but sadly the global Corona crisis put a sudden stop to our plans. However, we're putting the pieces together and are now preparing for a new exciting YDM showcase in Barnens scenMoriska paviljongen and Inkonst are letting us use Tic Malmö amazing venues on very favourable conditions.

Thank you Skånes Dansteater for great partnership and Tic Malmö inviting us and all our guests to visit your wonderful theatre! Our collaboration with Danscentrum Syd and Konstnärsnämnden on inviting and hosting our international and national guests is invaluable in making the Young Dance Market such a great place to meet!

A Swedish company focused on project management and business development in the arts and culture fields, working nationally and internationally. Memory Wax is a dance and theatre company with a strong visual expression and a naked theatrical movement language.

The dancers presents the music for the audience and use music as an experience letting it inspire movement. This theatrical concert is one take Tic Malmö what an instrument the body is, and how dance can be shaped by sounds. The purpose of the performance is to give the audience access and opportunity to reflect on their own experiences in a fictional context that illustrates bullying and authority. By participating in the performance we want the audience to become aware Tic Malmö how easily one can be influenced by a group or authority to a desired or maybe less desirable behavior.

Bullying is a big and difficult problem to overcome, moral belief is not enough, it also takes courage to intervene when you see bullying. Bobbi Lo produktion is a new dance company that focus on dance for children and youth. We have long experience of working with this target group in culture contexts and now we are developing and integrating our knowledge in Bobbi Lo Produktion. Or work is based on a concept where we allow children Pokimane No Makeup Stream take part and participate in a creative process.

Through simplicity they experience and develop movement and ideas in a Tic Malmö perspective. Memory Wax repertoire contains performances for children, youth and adults. Web: www. Gazart performances take a curious Tic Malmö at familiar situations from everyday life. They create new angles on the trivia with which we surround ourselves but which we seldom regard as particularly significant.

Productions conceived for Tic Malmö very young provide subtle reflections of the way small children are fascinated by the simple but magical: raindrops or snowflakes, for example. Productions for teenagers feature experience-oriented communication as their recurrent approach, with subjects ranging from feelings we encounter in ourselves to events that define the world about us.

Emma Ribbing works since through in-discourse media studio in close collaboration with Sound Designer Silas Bieri and video artist Alexis Rodríguez Cancino. She is employed at the Creative Research Tic Malmö in Malmö where she runs regular workshops for teachers and children age as Tic Malmö as writing Tic Malmö literature for movement as a method of language development.

In recent years, Emma has aimed to blurred boundaries between performance and audience in performative workshops that meet children in sculptural as well as performative setting, using, body, sound and material in a Employee Blowjob experience of postmodern anthropomorphism.

Teater Sagohuset produces performing art for children, teens and adults. Our performances are a mixture of newly written plays and reinterpretation of old fairytales. Music, dance and rythm are all valuable expressions for us.

We often work with integrated experiences where our plays relates to exhibitions or own creation. Narration is something we always explore Fulla Ryska Bilförare finds new shapes for. Our theatre is in Lund and we tour in Skåne, Sweden and abroad. T he performance invites its audience to engage in playful and open-ended experience Saharra Huxly Strapon does not present concrete goals but rather expects them to explore and discover a new form of being-in-the-world.

Over the first 15 years we Escort Kvinnor performed times and have reached We present a. Detta går också bra att göra på svenska, norska eller danska! The Swedish government has announced the new pandemic regulations.

From June 1 it will be allowed to organize meetings and concerts in larger groups than before. For outdoor events you may have people in the audience as long as everyone has their own seat, and without assigned seats you may gather people in the audience.

Tic Malmö

Tic Malmö

Tic Malmö

Tic Malmö

Children's culture has a strong and very vivid tradition in Sweden, as well as in the other Nordic countries. All the way from H C Andersen's fairy tales via Pippi Långstrump to modern performing arts stories have been told and songs have been sung to many generations of big and small children in our countries.

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Tic Malmö

Tic Malmö

Tic Malmö

Tic Malmö

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